For a successful hospital, practice or healthcare organization, having a smooth website that helps you find potential patients is a necessity these days. But when your patients are unable to find you ranking on page one of Google results, a smooth and dynamic website cannot help you any further. This is where SEO for healthcare industry comes in.

What is SEO for the pharmaceutical industry?

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is a technique by which your website is optimized for content and images with relevant keywords, which will help in ranking your website higher on search engine pages to bring in new patients.

SEO for healthcare industry requires both money and effort. There might be a lot of big players in the market, but if you focus on your SEO strategy correctly while trying relentlessly, your website will rise through rankings for organic search on Google and other search engines.

But most importantly, a good SEO strategy for healthcare websites requires a 3-point strategy.

  1. On-Site SEO for Healthcare Industry

The first thing to pay attention to while doing SEO for pharmaceutical industry is your website. Yes, several factors affect the rankings on page one of organic searches. These include content, images, code, anything and everything on your website, and the whole process is called On-Site SEO. Here is the list of factors you need to work on to rank on Google.

Title Tags

The title tags are added through coding on your website, and these are displayed on the Google search results as the links to be clicked and redirected to your website. For example, if you are promoting neonatal facilities at your hospital, you might want the URL to be:

This URL consists of an important keyword while indicating what the page is about, therefore helping it rank and display it for the results related to neonatal facilities in Delhi.

Meta Tags

Also known as SEO description tags, these are 160-word descriptions of what content the user can find on the said webpage. Again, this SEO for pharmacy industry practice enables Google to know more about the content that is available on the page and whether or not the page contains information that the user is looking for. The description is displayed below the Title Tag on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Site Speed

Another crucial factor to consider while doing SEO for pharmaceutical industry is how much your website takes to load completely. Many-a-times, a user bounces off your website when the content takes a lot of time to load, increasing the bounce rate of your website. Even though your website might be ranking amongst top results for particular keywords, but increased bounce rate would indicate that the webpage doesn’t have the information that the user is looking for, thus dropping your ranking down.

Mobile Responsiveness

These days, more and more searches are happening on mobile phones with users searching for hospitals ‘near me’. Therefore, you must have a mobile responsive website that can properly display content on any device.

Other factors are:

  • H1 & H2 tags are header tags that communicate with the search engine informing them about the content on the webpage.
  • Anchor Text Links are hyperlinks on the content page connecting with other relevant content on the website.
  • Alt Tags are the tags added on the images, which then help Google display these results in Image Searches.
  • An optimized footer improves your relevance for Google.
  • XML Sitemap: Extensive Markup Language Site Maps are specifically created for Search Engines to crawl and index your website.
  • HTML Sitemaps are created for users to find information across the website.
  1. Off-Site SEO

Now, your website is ready for Google to crawl and index your content. But is that enough? Well, a good SEO person will tell you – No, it is not enough. You must create quality backlinks from websites with higher domain authority to provide a back link to your website. Why is this important? Well, consider this as a referral. When you apply for a job and your friend refers you there, your credibility increases as your friend who had been working there for a long time has vouched for you. His credibility extends to you as well. Similarly, these backlinks from higher authority websites increase the credibility of your website in Google as well, deeming you as credible as the other websites.

  • Press releases: It is always good to release information about important and successful cases to build your reputation. Several websites allow you to list and release your press releases, helping you get more traffic.
  • Directories: Several directories on Google help you list your business.
  • Blogs & Articles: Creating a helpful blog or article on your website can also bring in traffic related to your generic keywords. This would help in increasing the awareness and credibility of your business.
  • Healthcare Social Media: Being present on social media provides you with yet another outlet to reach your potential audience. By simply adding a link to your posts and stories, you can drive more traffic to your website as well. These mediums have become the search engine of their own. Don’t forget to add relevant hashtags.
  • Reputation Management: Studies show that a user goes through at least 7-reviews before trusting a business. Responding to these reviews are a part of SEO for pharmaceutical industry strategy. Make sure that you respond to the reviews on platforms like your website, social media and other relevant healthcare platforms to both negative and positive ones. But do ensure that you follow HIPPA regulations and maintain the privacy of the patient.
  1. Go Local

Another important factor that can help you be visible and get more traffic to your website is by optimizing your Google My Business Listing. It helps you optimize your listing for relevant keywords and drive users from nearby locations, which is important for an industry like healthcare.

Wrapping Up

SEO for the healthcare industry has to follow this three-point strategy to help your website rise through SERP rankings and bring in the potential patient while facilitating communication.

At Blanc Turtles, our team is comprised of experts handling clients from various industries including healthcare which has given them deep insights into the business and user motivations. Click here to arrange a call back from our SEO expert.

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