The digital era has made everything available at our fingertips, and owning a business in today’s world might make you think that you know why you need search engine optimization services for your company. But are you really aware of how much getting your website optimized for better searchability and visibility is necessary?
Here are the top 10 reasons why you should hire an SEO advertising company now

1. SEO is the Primary Source of Website Traffic

Organic traffic is still one of the key sources of bringing traffic to a brand’s website. Organic traffic is not only essential in getting potential customers on your website; it is an important factor that affects your sales process as well.
Today, almost 2.3 million searches happen on Google in a minute. While there are other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, DuckDuckGo; Google is currently an undisputed leader with an overall 75% search. Even though the searches happening on other search engines are also important for brands, your website must follow the rules set by Google to reach the majority of your customer.
When a customer searches on any search engine, about 70% of clicks go to the top 5 search results. If you are banking upon being present on the first search engine results page (SERP), you should hire one of the best SEO marketing companies. It is as simple as this – be present where your customer is.

2. SEO Helps in Establishing Trust & Authority

The objective of employing a search engine optimization service is to make sure that the website is beautifully optimized for a clean and smooth user experience while making it easily discoverable by the search engines by building its authority.
Several factors contribute towards building trust and authority of the website for the search engines, which includes:
• The quality of backlinks
• Optimization of the on-page elements
• A positive user behaviour
• Machine learning signals
The establishment of this authority will be more valuable and do more for a brand than most digital optimizations. But the fact is, it is almost impossible for you to establish that kind of authority and trust within a few days or weeks.
Establishing authority, trust and credibility demands efforts and commitments provided by your website optimization efforts and, of course, your patience.

3. Good SEO Means Good User Experience

We all want to rank on page one of the SERPs for all the targeted keywords. But we forget that an optimal user experience is part of an overall brand experience. When a user lands on your website and doesn’t find the required information or product, he/she will bounce back pretty quickly as well.
Google has devised a way to observe and note both positive and negative user experiences, which affects your overall rankings. If the user is leaving your website quickly without browsing anything else, your authority and trust are in danger.
A good search engine optimization service knows this and would optimize your web pages with interesting and well-written content to keep the user engaged, promoting a positive user experience that would work in the brand’s favors.

4. It is Not an Expense But an Investment

As a business owner, you are well aware of the product buying cycle, right? Then you would also be aware that a buyer would always do their research before buying a product. As mentioned earlier, over 2.3 million searches are happening on Google every minute, which makes it imperative for your website to rank on the first SERP. If you are not in the top 10 results for your niche keywords, then you are losing quite a lot of business.
Hiring an SEO advertising company will work on the decided keywords relevant to your industry and make sure that you get the potential customer to your website. While evaluating the SEO expense with the ROI, you would move it from the expense section to the investment one!

5. Helps You Plan Your Marketing Efforts

While it might not be possible for you to directly find a correlation between ROI generated through SEO, in comparison to the paid campaigns, SEO can provide you with a broader vision of your business. When you started your company, you must have invested a lot of time proofreading every word put in the brochure; and the theme and aesthetics followed by your other sales collaterals, right? Similarly, SEO provides you with details analytics about where your brand is now and how users are interacting with it.

The analytics data helps you find which pages are keeping your users engaged and from which page they are bouncing off quickly. It also helps in finding which keywords are bringing maximum traffic to your website and which needs more work.

Published On: June 23rd, 2020 / Categories: blog /

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