SEO for Real Estate Business: 6 Steps to Acquiring Clients & Closing the Deals

If you own a real estate business, you would want to reach out to your niche target audience in any way possible. But with the pandemic taking over our daily normal, digital marketing has become the most prominent marketing channel these days.

If you want to learn how SEO for real estate business can help you get more clients, here’s how to go about it.

What is SEO for Real Estate Business?

There might be a lot of information that you might come across, but the simple explanation for SEO is to optimize your website to rank it on the first page of Google for search keywords related to your business.

Consider these steps:

If you are a buyer, you must have thought about the kind of home you want to buy, your budget for the property, and the locality where you would like to buy a home. Then, what would your next step be? Around 44% of the users would go to Google and search for the same. For example – a 3BHK in Gurgaon under 50 lacs or a duplex in Delhi – the mix of words could be any. But the important part here is for your website to be present on this first Search Engine Result Page for a potential client to find you.

But how would that happen? The answer is Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. SEO for Real Estate Business.

What are the advantages of doing SEO for real estate business?

You might incline towards releasing an advertisement or a pamphlet in the local or national newspaper, depending on the listing, but is that the only way to scout the right audience? What about users who are actively searching to find a home or a commercial space on Google or any other search engine? Here is how integrating SEO as one of the tools for internet marketing for real estate will help your business:

· SEO will optimize your website to bring organic, relevant traffic.

· SEO efforts are quantifiable and will increase your organic leads.

· When done right, SEO can also increase brand trustworthiness and credibility.

· A good SEO agency will optimize the website for an enhanced user experience.

· SEO will add content and pictures in sync with your marketing strategy to increase engagement on the website while also optimizing it for better indexing on Google.

· SEO is affordable and works as a long time marketing strategy.

What steps will we take to plan a successful SEO strategy for your real estate business?

To create a detailed SEO strategy for your business, our team will be undertaking the following steps:

Step 1: Competition Analysis

Before diving into your business, we need to understand your competitive landscape. We will audit the website, content, backlinks and targeted keywords. It is to point their strengths and weaknesses, which would help us create an SEO strategy for your business.

Step 2: Technical Audit

Once we understand your position in the industry and competition landscape, we would sweep your website to gather information about the sore points and the improvements to be made from an SEO and user interaction perspective. This exercise would include inspecting details like website speed, page loading speed, website responsiveness, mobile-friendliness, page indexing, hosting features. All of these elements need to refine to make sure your website provides the best user experience.

Step 3: Zeroing Down the Targeted Keywords

While creating a strategy for the real estate business, finalizing the right keywords to target the audience is crucial. It is important to understand these from two perspectives: which of these keywords are relevant for my business, and which of these keywords are likely to be used by my users. Integrating them with the kind of real estate you sell with location keywords can help the website get a relevant audience.

Our team would compile a list of generic and brand keywords to finalize before we start working on them.

Step 4: Optimizing Google My Business Listing

The GMB listings help you appear in the local searches for the targeted keywords. It also provides another channel for your website to receive traffic and phone calls for leads. Another way optimizing these listings will help your business is that it is one of the most elegant solutions provided by Google to help people find relevant local businesses. People can find directions or phone numbers to your office and get the information they want.

Step 5: Optimizing Website with Right Content

Optimized content on your web pages would mean adding targeted keywords on the page in the right density. Other tasks like updating meta tags, meta descriptions, links, image tags, and descriptions would also be done to ensure that the user stumbles across your website while searching for the particular keyword.

Step 6: Building Quality Links

Our team will reach out to bloggers with websites that have a higher domain authority to create quality backlinks to your website. You have to understand this in terms of getting a referral from a friend for a job. His good credit makes sure that you also get a good reputation in the company. Similarly, when your website gets referral backlinks from domains of higher authority, it means that your website is credible. This credibility helps in earning authority from Google, increasing the chances of getting your content to rank higher on the search results page.

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