Before we dive into the details of this topic, we have to understand and accept that all private schools are businesses at the end of the day, and it is imperative to get enrollments each year to keep that business going.
In the age of digital connections, most schools are still dependant on the traditional form of advertising like newspaper ads, flyers, hoardings and neglecting the most premium and effective way of reaching out to the parents: the New Digital Media.
Keeping up with this era of being on the phones, laptops and tablets, you can easily find platforms to reach your target audience and influence their decision throughout the customer journey. The below-mentioned tips can help you enhance the digital marketing strategy for schools.

1. Improve Your Website Experience

Creating a clean and actionable website should be on top of your digital agenda as it serves many purposes in the grand event of scheme for the schools. Your website is where most parents go after coming across your advertisement – whether on a digital platform or otherwise. To leave a lasting impression and create brand and communication recall, keep the following points in mind:
1.1 Have a responsive website. A lot of parents might visit the website through their mobile phone while going or coming from work. Therefore, they must have a positive interaction with your website. This is why your website should be optimized for viewing on most devices.

1.2 It should load quickly. Keep testing the loading time of your website on various devices to make sure that it doesn’t annoy the potential parents. When a website is slow, a lot of potential parents might just bounce quickly.

1.3 Have fluid navigation. When a parent is looking for a particular form or information, specifically related to new admissions or transfers, make sure that all of these forms and brochures are easily available to them.

1.4 It should look professional. If your website still has stock photos, moving icons or sounds, it wouldn’t take much time for a parent to connect the dots between an unprofessional website and the poor standard of education being imparted at your institution.

1.5 Proactively encourage lead generation. Apart from helping them find the right information quickly, you should also make sure that they can find a way to get in touch with you smoothly. Various third-party tools can help you integrate contact forms on the website.

2. Use SEO to Increase Visibility

Once you have taken care of your website, it is time to improve your visibility by using SEO for school website.
2.1 What is SEO?
It means search engine optimization where you optimize your website with relevant content that would rank on the first page on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.
2.2 Why is SEO for school website necessary?
To understand that, you have to dive deep into the customer journey via which the potential parents might find your website.
a) They go to a search engine (probably Google) and search for keywords relevant to your industry (like best schools near me).
b) The top 10 results are displayed on the first page of Google, and they decide to click on one and explore the school.
c) To make sure that you are present on this first page for the relevant keywords, SEO for school website will come in handy.

2.3 How can I do SEO for a website?
Well, it is easy. SEO is an integral part of defining digital marketing strategy for schools, and if you don’t know how to do it, you can easily find an SEO agency for schools. If you want to learn more about how they would help you, read this article here.

3. Convert with Paid Advertising

Apart from reaching out to the parents organically through SEO, a huge opportunity lies in reaching out to them through paid advertising. When a keyword is searched, Google shows some of the sponsored ads on top of the organic website listings.

You can grab the opportunity by being present at the right place at the right time. Learn more about search engine marketing and using social media like Facebook & Instagram or similar platforms to reach out to them.

Keep the advertisement simple and add a call-to-action like taking their information to set up a callback from your admissions staff or take them to your website where they can know more about your school and leave their contact details.

4. Reach & Engage with Social Media

Social media is immensely powerful in creating brand awareness, recall and increasing consideration about the product. It can be used effectively to target your audience with focused communication at different stages of their decisions.
Facebook provides you to target potential parents by defining their demographics at a particular distance from your school. It also allows you to retarget parents who have already visited your website or reach a list of current potential parents by uploading it and creating a custom audience.
Apart from using these platforms for advertising, you can use them to improvise the overall digital marketing strategy for schools by using them to engage the pool of current parents. You can upload pictures and videos of the events happening at school. The best part is that you can now live to stream it on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for them to be a part of their child’s daily journey. Ask them polls about current issues or encourage them to write reviews and share testimonials. These would work wonders when a potential parent is considering your school for admission.

5. Communicate Regularly

Whichever platform you choose to integrate into the digital strategy for schools, make sure you utilize them regularly and consistently.
Another plausible way of staying in touch with them could be through a weekly newsletter. Share the details of new initiatives taken at your end to improve the quality of education or about various events taken through the week.

Wrapping Up

A strong and well-defined digital marketing strategy for schools is not only crucial to find potential parents, but it is also essential to keep the current parents engaged and informed.
While creating a digital plan, improving your website experience and gaining organic visibility through SEO should be a priority.
If you want expert guidance for the same, our digital marketing agency Blanc Turtles can help you get ahead of your competitors. Our team will help you with competition benchmarking, creating a detailed digital marketing plan, SEO for school website and social media marketing. Click here to get in touch with us or request a callback.


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